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Company Profile
The Shenzhen ALHY international logistics Co., Ltd., is a medium-sized logistics company approved by the Shenzhen Trade and Industry Bureau, the company is committed to: international express, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, freight, international air and ocean freight business has many years of experience, we have a group of independent professionalworkforce, Shenzhen and Hong Kong transit fleet, the airport own declaration group, agent import and export of general trade customs and HK goods tax package import and export services, international express, Hong Kong imported parts, air transport, and Hong Kong Express has strength; Fedex, DHL, UPSTNT agent, there are outlets in the Pearl River Delta cities; internationally renowned company with a number of long-term intimate partnerships, such as AA, MP, MH, EK, GF, major airlines, banking, insurance, government departments(as has a close long-term cooperation between customs, foreign trade and economic cooperation, quarantine, taxation, etc.) and other enterprises. I do all the preparation, the Division I sincerely hope can wholeheartedly with your company together in harmony to flourish

2 mission

All my colleagues of our consistent commitment to comply with the company has always been good business management and operating strategies, one mind, customer is committed to create a high-quality brand, providing customers with efficient service go hand in hand, and work together to create success, creating a high degree of economic efficiency; to take this the Chinese new millennium, we have been pledging starting, proactive, vowing to strengthen management, inside and outside with constantly optimize processes, to drive the trend forever vision painstaking positive steps towards the ambitious pace toward national, full the direction-business strategy to forge ahead; we want to fully Pinbo a new peak!

2 business philosophy (S · R · P philosophy)

"We believe that, as long as the firm aim to provide ultra-high levels of service to customers, naturally, will be gradual guarantee a reasonable return to play to the spirit of solidarity, to create a bright and exciting future, and an endless."