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Indonesia clearance requirements
2013-05-08 12:00:00
By Hong Kong DHL notice, the Indonesian Customs clearance requirements are as follows:
Clearance requirements:
    1, the recipient private imports in the name of the food, pharmaceutical / drugs, cosmetics and other products, regardless of the number of related products, the recipient needs to be reporting to the local the BPOM department (Food, Drugs / Medicine Watch Bureau of Indonesia) related to the import licensing The evidence before arrangements for imported goods;
    2, the recipient private nominal imports of electronic products or communications products (such as mobile phones, smart phones, i-Pad, I-Phone, PDA, etc.), regardless of the number of related products, the recipient need to trade sector (Ministry of Trade) to declare the import permit arrangements for the imported goods;
    3, all imports of the local garment products (Ready-Made Garments), its value is greater than or equal to $ 250, with the goods must be accompanied by the origin of the certificate of inspection (Surveyor Certificate);
Consignment weight limit:
The addressee is a private, hotels, banks, exhibitors or any not provide import license (API), Customs Identification Number (NIK), the recipient of the Tax Identification Number (NPWP), the weight of a single shipment of imports shall not be greater than or equal to 100 kg (the same time and the sender sent to the same recipient, the weight of the shipment and will be treated with the shipment);
Third, the consignment of the limitations of CD or DVD:
    1, the recipient on behalf of the private import of a CD or DVD, single vote can not be more than 10pcs, such as the number of consignments than 10PCS, the recipient will need to provide import license;
    2, recipient name of the company to import a CD or DVD, regardless of the number of the consignment, the recipient must provide import license;
      Invited agent aware and tell the consignor send goods cargo and with the information must comply with the above requirements, our company prior to the receipt of mailing service providers will not be examined data reporting, such as consignment goods fail to comply with the above requirements, the shipment will likely local customs forces returned or destroyed, returned or destroyed without prior notice closing / shipper produce all delays or costs by shipper commitments.