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Import and export of the 28th strike of the Spanish-American ports to Asia
2012-12-01 12:00:00
AFP, Los Angeles, 28th -, Trade union leaders and port officials said, the staff of the two major ports of the West Coast of the United States on the 28th strike, I am afraid that will affect trade transportation to and from Asia.
The strike initiated by staff, a pier began in the Port of Los Angeles, with one day spread to six other pier and the adjacent Port of Long Beach (Long Beach).
Two ports in the average daily throughput of cargo valued at $ 1 billion, of which a large part of the cargo to and from the Pacific countries.
Staffing and contractual issues and the first strike in the 28th port workers refused to return to work in today's ruling made arbitrator.
The striking workers claimed that the Port Employers Association (Harbor Employers Association) wants to outsource the job. Employers spokesman Bailey (Stephen Berry), the strike cause "requires us to hire the staff they do not need.
"Los Angeles Times" (LA Times) reported that Los Angeles this port, together with the neighboring Port of Long Beach, is the world's seventh busiest commercial port, handling U.S. imports from Asia, more than 40% of seaborne cargo.